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Travel Phrases (2023)

Just eleven phrases in seven most common vacation destination languages. Got the idea when I realized that during vacations I usually get by with only a few phrases and lots of finger pointing.

Daily Workout (2022)

A simple workout generator for when you’re traveling, have little time, or just wanna try something different. It was just something to do on a long train ride.

Anyway (2022)

Born on a slow Sunday afternoon and inspired by a joke on Twitter, the package is as useful as you’d expect it to be. Forgetting the order of arguments in a function is something that every PHP dev has experienced. This package solves that problem in a silly way.

MailerLite V2 (2019-)

I was in charge of rewriting the legacy application. The goals were to modernize the tech stack and solve major architecture mistakes from the first version. My team launched it in 2022. If you know anything about rewrites, they usually don’t go well, but this one did, and I’m quite proud of it. One day I’ll write an article on how we pulled it off.

Notes (2019)

This started as a challenge to myself to make a full web application without any javascript - it was a success. It was pretty usable and had a straightforward feature list: mardown support, tags, file uploads, sharing. I eventually started using paper notebooks for daily notes and Workflowy for more structured information, so this became obsolete. (2017-2019)

I made this one to scratch my own itch. The use-case was to scrape and parse classified advertisements websites into SQL database to run various queries against the data. I used it when I was looking for apartment or motorcycle to run analysis of specific year ranges, features, models, and such. Unfortunately it wasn’t as useful as I expected to be.

Big Red Button (2016)

A virtual big red button for party games. We used it for “guess the song” type of game and it was a lot of fun. Just a fun 1 hour project that I threw together on the last day of 2016. Powered by node.js, and a bit of jQuery. You can find it on Github. (2016-2017)

Constantly scans twitter stream for huge trends and emails you if it finds something. I cannot say that worked as reliable as I had hoped, but it was a cool proof of concept. No longer maintained. (2016-2017)

A facebook messenger chatbot. Your friend with a perfect memory. This bot allows you to set reminders using natural language. Started as a simple experiment it still got some attention without any promotion. No longer maintained and stopped working a while ago thanks to facebook constantly changing their APIs.

pattern-parser (2016)

Node.js package that makes it easier to design and develop text-based user interfaces. Made it for my own project (remindbot), but a few hundred people found it useful too. (2015-2016)

A simple WYSIWYG A/B testing tool for content creators. It was a cool SaaS that unfortunately never really got off the ground. No longer maintained. I should probably rewrite it into an open-source package, as I still believe the tool had a few good ideas.

ApiDocs (2015)

Laravel package that will automatically generate API endpoints documentation based on your documented routes.

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