Finding beauty in the mundane

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I rediscovered photography a couple of months ago. I’m not very good at it, but I’m enjoying it a lot.

Most people’s lives are based on routines. No one’s day looks like an Instagram reel. It helps if you have ways to notice beauty without going out of your way to find it. Photography does that for me.

I was always more of a video guy. Photography seemed too easy, too casual. If you’re gonna buy a DSLR capable of shooting excellent full HD video, why not go all the way to 24 frames per second, instead of just settling for one?

But there’s a problem. Video is a brutal hobby. Even making something mediocre for personal consumption requires hours of work, both in the field and at home. I still have footage from the last 6 years’ worth of vacations somewhere on my laptop, and no plans to edit it. I also sold my DSLR years ago. It felt too much like work.

Photography is much more approachable. You don’t need as much commitment.

Go for a walk. See something you like. Spend a minute thinking about composition. Take a few snaps. Select the best ones when you get back home. Do some minimal editing if needed. Share if you want to - or don’t. It’s something you can do every day.

Photography is a nice hobby. It gives more than it takes.

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