Living Without a Car (2nd Year Update)

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I sold my car two years ago with no plans to replace it. I already explained why here and updated you on the first year here.

Back by popular demand, here’s our 2nd year! Jk, one friend asked how it’s going, so why not rerun the numbers?

The numbers

This is what we, a family of three, spent on transportation in our 2nd year living without a car. Drumroll:

For context, car ownership over 5 years cost us €10,825 (or €180.42 per month).

What’s new

The total costs were up by 22% compared to the first year. A big reason for that is us opting to use car-sharing more since baby chairs - even the lightest ones - are a pain to drag around with you.

Obviously, we barely used any scooters or bicycles.

Bolt entered the ride-sharing market with aggressive pricing, which I was glad to take advantage of.

Also worth mentioning is the two months we spent abroad. If you divide the total by the 10 months during which it was actually spent, the average monthly cost is €113.73.

No changes to the central thesis: living without a car in Vilnius is still a non-issue. Still cheaper than owning a car, even if a bit less convenient with a baby.

What’s next?

I already bought a new bicycle which is more comfortable and fit to carry a baby. We tried it out, and it has been received well so far, so I have high hopes that we will depend much more on bicycles this year. Still no need or plans to get a car.

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