Most People Don't Give a Shit About Social Media

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You know you’re getting old when you get an idea to clean up your contacts list.

As I was doing that yesterday for no reason at all, I was reminded of many people that I haven’t thought about in years.

Naturally, I wondered what some of those people have been up to. Shouldn’t be hard to find out in this connected world, right?

Well, turns out only a minor part of my acquaintances have any kind of online presence. And the ones that do, have mostly abandoned it.

We’re not talking about some boomers, these are people from my generation. Like you and me they have families, friends, jobs, and hobbies. Still, they clearly see no use for facebook, linkedin, or even instagram.

I wonder, where do they get their opinions from? Where do they put their intrusive thoughts?

And then there’s people like me, trying to quit Instagram for the 3rd time.

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