The end of Russia

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A friend asked me if I thought the West would forget the Russian war in Ukraine and go back to business as usual in a few years. It’s a fair question because we’ve seen such complacency before.

Last week I might’ve said that’s unlikely. Today I think it’s impossible.

Geopolitics is complicated, but genocide is not. Imagine someone hating the very fact that you exist. So much, in fact, that they will kill everyone who even speaks your language. Such evil transcends borders and cultures. It’s universal.

Once it became undeniable that genocide was the end goal of the Russian war in Ukraine, there was no way back. No sane person could ignore evil like that. Such tragedies get immortalized not just in history, but in culture and art. It will remain a part of our collective memory and will be passed to future generations.

Russia, as it exists today, has no future. The only remaining question is how many more innocent people will have to die.

Our job is to support ukrainians so they can finish the job they didn’t ask for.

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