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The Only Three Productivity Hacks That Made a Difference for Me
A brief CFMoto 300CL-X review by some amateur
Living Without a Car (2nd Year Update)
How I'm training to run a faster 5k
On fatherhood
Estimating defect rate using GitHub API
Books I've Read in 2023
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Septoplasty
I Want to Write More
Most People Don't Give a Shit About Social Media
Living Without a Car (1 Year Update)
Books I’ve Read in 2022
How I Exercise Every Day
Can We Get Rid of Time Zones Already?
Living without a car
One Thing at the Time
Don't Forget to Play
My Personal Investor's Manifesto
The end of Russia
Your product is an asset. Your tech stack is a liability.
Why do you want to get rich?
Finding beauty in the mundane
2021 Reading List
Computational photography is weird
Balkan roadtrip #1
Visiting Madeira
Learning poker in 3 months
How I choose books
Getting into motorcycles
Why is Apple getting into cars
Offices are not going anywhere
Meme stocks are this generation's dot-com bubble
In defense of funded pension schemes
2020 Reading List
No B.S. guide to monitors (for developers)
My paper journaling system
2019 Reading List
Eilat, Israel
Services worth paying for
Pi-hole on VPS
My many attempts at journaling
Git as deployment tool
2018 Reading List
Running Laravel jobs with deleted models
Validate current user password in Laravel
Failing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewal cronjob
Opening a browser window from iOS Safari standalone mode
Local Laravel made simple
Composer path length error on Windows
Laravel Eloquent collections merge() “gotcha” moment
Failure is an option
Multitasking does not work
Saw a hitchhiker today
Why bitcoin will eventually fail
50 years of geeky adventures
Why I give my time and energy for free
I love podcasts

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